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Support your local farm by purchasing a CSA share!

Summer shares begin June 7 and are SOLD OUT, but fall shares are still available for purchase below.

Email to join the summer share waitlist.

Pricing Transparency and Accessibility

This year, we hope to reach a team average wage of at least $18.50/hr. We can reach that goal by selling all shares at the Fair Farm Labor price level.  However, we want our shares to remain financially accessible to as many people as possible, so we are also offering an Access price level for those who are unable to afford the Fair Farm Labor price. We hope you will join us at the level you are able.

To help us reach our goal sooner, you can purchase a share at the Farm Champion pricing level, which comes with some special added perks to say thank you!

Whole Share (20 weeks)

Our standard share size, this is the best choice for enthusiastic veggie eaters who enjoy cooking at home, those who cook for a family, and those who plan to split their share with a friend. The Whole Share contains an average of 7-10 items per week, in larger quantities than the smaller "Farmer's Choice" share. Pick up in Ohio City beginning June 7.

Click on your selected price level below for more details.

Farmer's Choice Share (20 weeks)

The smaller of our two share sizes, the "Farmer's Choice" share is ideal for 1-2 people or a family that cooks at home less frequently. This share contains an average of 5-7 items per week, in smaller quantities than the Whole Share. Pick up in Ohio City or Shaker Heights beginning in June. 

Click on your selected price level below for more details.

Summer Flower Share (12 weekly bouquets)

A weekly bouquet of fresh local flowers grown by Frayed Knot Farm in Newbury, Ohio. Pick up in Ohio City or Shaker Heights beginning in July. 

Fall Share (one size, 6 weeks)

A 6 week extension to the end of the CSA season; begins the first week of November. Size varies, but is generally between the size of Farmer's Choice and Whole Shares. Pick up at Ohio City Farm. 

Fair Farm Labor Pricing

Our 2024 summer produce shares have 3 levels of pricing using a "Pay What You Can" structure as we work toward our goal of all farm staff earning a minimum $20/hr wage.

In 2023, we reached a minimum wage of $15.50/hr with a team average wage of $17.19/hr.

In 2024 we hope to reach an average wage of at least $18.50/hr.

Your purchase can help us reach this important goal!

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